Been A Long Time..

Life is crazy.. you get caught up in a moment… then you realize months have passed.. we’ve been busy and will be posting new pictures in our galleries as often as possible (sorry if they’re a little out of order.. still learning the ins and outs) Just added this photo

Custom Leather Orders

  • Posted: December 4, 2013  by Pork Choppers   -  
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Our new site is still a “work in progress” and our shopping cart has yet to be finalized, but in the interim you can still order one of our products or a custom leaather piece. Please, send us an email regarding the product of your choice  or specifics pertaining to a custom

2007 Sportster Trike Conversion

  • Posted: November 16, 2013  by Pork Choppers   -  
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This 2007 Sportster got some; new handlebars, exhaust, suspension, accessory lighting, a custom tooled seat and custom tooled mudflaps. Once that was all done…. We converted it via Voyager!!! Click images for larger view