Wallet uploads are complete

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Several new custom Wallet have been added to the gallery. This custom Trifold was made to match the owners “joker green” Hellcat.

AGREST & GUCU’s Wallets and.. Current Jobs week of 3/23

Week Of: 3/23/15 P.C LEATHERS CURRENT JOB LIST Marek’s FLHX Seat & Rail Bags- it’s a go.. gelling & patterning in progress Ernie’s Thunder Mountain Frame Bag- on the marble Stack Bros. Bracers- on the marble Paul’s Barstools- still disassembling David’s Pirate Skull Flask Wrap- stencil done; in line for

BADBOY’s Wallet

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PCL Job Status Week of 11/10

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P.C. Leathers Current Job List   1. Bad Boy’s Wallet   **I/P                 12. Bear’s Belt 2. Juice’s Bracer              **I/P           13. Rich’s Fender Bib 3. Twisted Whips             **I/P           14. Michael’s W Armbands 4. Cenzo’s FLHX Exotic Seat                   15. HMC Dip/Can Holder 5. Billy’s FLHX Tooled Seat **I/P  16. Y/B Leather Bandana

Lobster’s Wallet

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I love working on pieces that mean a lot to people… and there’s nothing more personal than replicating a tattoo.. The finished piece is 4″x3″