Apologies, Current Job List & Winter Hours

  • Posted: January 12, 2015 
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First, my apologies for not attending the Jersey show this past weekend. I never made it out of Bogota, thankfully the snow gave us a late start otherwise… my stomach virus would have hit in route and that would not have been pretty…


P.C. Leathers Current Job List- Week of 1/12/15 (Bold are in progress)

1. John’s Honda Seat; 2. Marek’s Wallet & Belt; 3. Bob’s Bracer; 4. Boc’s Belt; 5. FWMC Belt; 6. Marek’s FLHX Seat & Rail Bags;  7. Eric’s Ducati Seat; 8. Bruce’s Down tube Bag & Belt; 9. Cenzo’s FLHX Seat;  10. Bear’s Belt; 11. Gabriel’s Seat & F.B. Inserts; 12. Ernie’s Thunder Mountain Frame Bag; 13. Billy’s Watch Band; 14. Snake & other KFFK Whips; 15. Fettuccini’s Facemask; 16. Stack Bros. Bracers


Winter hours will begin this week 1/12/15, allowing me more studio time to dedicate to your projects…

Our retail store will be open:

Thursday’s & Friday’s: 12pm – 6pm

Saturday”s: 10am-4pm

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