***New Weekly Posting***

  • Posted: October 27, 2014 
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A current P.C. Leathers job list will be posted weekly to enable my customers immediate access their job’s status. The list is ordered chronologically. All job titles followed by an I/P are.. In Progress.


P.C. Leathers Current Job List (week of 10/27)


Bad Boy’s Wallet

Juice’s Bracer             **I/P

Twisted Whips             **I/P

Chuck’s Belt               **I/P

Chris’s Belt         **I/P

Gorilla’s Bracer           **I/P

Cenzo’s FLHX Exotic Seat

Billy’s FLHX Tooled Seat

Sal’s Windshield Bag            **I/P

Tom’s 72 Tooled Seat

ABMC Whips

Lobster’s Wallet

John’s Honda Tooled Seat

Jack’s (2) Frame Bags

KFFK Armband (2)

KFFK Whips

Bear’s Belt

Rich’s Fender Bib

Michael’s 9339/flying W Armbands

HMC Dip/Can Holder

Y/B Leather Bandana

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