NY Rider Magazine’s 10th Anniversary–Blackthorne Resort–10/1-10/4

  • Posted: September 30, 2015 
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That’s where I’m off too next… Retail portion of the business will be closed; Thursday; Friday & Saturday. This will be my last long event of the season..

NY Rider 10th Anniversary Party










When I get back, I need some serious studio time because… here’s my current job list

PC LEATHERS: Week of 9/28

Don’s Tool Bag-Finishing; BBQ’s Wallet- Patterning; Ernie’s Tool Bag – Cutting; DTail’s Wallet – Tooled; Wrench’s Wallet – Tooled; Doc’s Wallet – Tooling; 4th Watch Hair wraps – cutting; Billy’s Buck Sheath – Patterning; Thor’s Wallet; Tommy Boy’s Armband; Toxic’s Gauntlet; Peter’s Wallet; Maurice’s Wallet; Cosmo’s Sheaths; Piston’s Collar; Ron’s Sheath; Kevin’s Passenger Seat; Lori’s Tool Bag; Ryan’s XL Seat; Rich’s Sheath; Chuck’s Garbage Bag; Paul’s Whip; Rat Windshield Bag; Guapo’s Sheath & Whip; Hector’s Tool Bag; Hackensack PD Holsters; Stack Brothers Sheaths; Iz’s backpack & Belt; NY Rider Wallets; Dale’s Buddy Seat

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